Follow your Dreams!

Last time I sat down to write a blog I thought I had already achieved so much in my personal life, career and education. However, looking back from October 2018 I have realised I’ve done so much more. Beginning of 2019 I had received 2 unconditional offers and 1 conditional offer for university. I wanted to either study business with fashion or fashion design. I soon realised that business was the best option for me and I accepted my place at the university of Hertfordshire. I have finished my first semester now and I am half way through the first year! I have also just opened up my own business called ‘@wearetenacious’ selling 100% silk luxury goods and women’s accessories too. This has been a real challenge but it’s also been fun and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. This helps me have a social life and allows me to travel while still being able to study. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions by trying new things, meeting new people and balancing everything at once. I’ve definitely learnt some new life experiences since moving away and getting one step closer to my dream job. But I’m loving every minute of it! Until next time everyone, Love Liberty xx

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