Easter Lock Down

Wow this Easter was so different compared to last year!  Although I have to say a huge thank you for everyone’s orders in the lead up to Easter, it was a bit scary when Spain went in to lock down, and with our main suppliers in Spain I did panic a bit! But they worked so hard to make sure we got all of our orders and the incredible parcels we had nearly everyday for a week and more! I’ve now been working from home for 5 weeks, and Easter is normally a time where we close for some time off, to celebrate with family and friends but this year we didn’t have that chance! Lock down is making people spend! Me including! Nothing has really changed here, the only thing that’s different is that I’m only going to the shop once a week to post all our orders for safety. We hope everyone is keeping safe and enjoying some family time if you can. A big thank you to the NHS and all the key workers, there will be an end to this soon! 

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