Working Mum of 3

Happy Saturday from Ruby’s Bowtique!
Why do women do it, why do we feel the need to go out to work? Why can’t we just stay at home and look after the kids? That’s what Mums used to do? This is a question I ask myself each day, is a Mum’s place at home?
For me it isn’t, I have always worked since having my first child. But when I had Ruby Bow and  after working a job I really hated for 6 years I decided I wanted to work for myself! And that’s what I did! No more targets set by something else, only my own personal targets, that I set!
I’m my own boss and I work the hours I want to work! Which believe it or not, its seems like every hour of the day!
I sit up most nights designing new outfits, always trying to think of something different. But it’s something that’s mine, it’s my own business built from nothing with my mum by my side.
We’ve gone from a very small customer base online to now I have my very own shop in just 4 years.
Don’t get me wrong I feel like I’m losing my mind half the time, but that’s ok as I have know one to answer to (occasionally my mum).
So for any other Mums out there, if you have got a passion then just go for it! Do what you love the most! It will all be worth it in the end!


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