5 Year Giveaway

Where does the time go! 5 years ago I decided to open Ruby’s Bowtique. It didn’t start with clothes, after Ruby-Bow was born, I was bow mad! I didn’t have anywhere to put her bows so I started making bow holders. My Mum and I used to spend hours painting and gluing beautiful letters to turn them in to bow holders. Orders were coming in fast, but painting really wasn’t my thing! I’ve always had a passion for the best dressed babies, so when my mum was made redundant she helped me start a new dream.
We started selling Spanish clothes, we found a lovely little supplier in Spain. On Ruby’s first birthday he sent me a dress, it was made by Sonata. From that day I became obsessed with this brand, I knew we had to stock it!
Very few shops sold this stunning brand at the time, and after a few years of purchasing from them, I knew I wanted to be different. So we asked for an exclusive.
An exclusive, that is still one of our best sellers. Other shops said it was ugly, the worst dress ever… yet the 30 dresses we ordered sold out in the first day! Designing then became my passion and now 5 years later I have over 50 exclusives, 50 dresses designed by me and my team! Now that’s impressive! Our customers come back to us year after year as they love the exclusivity they get with us.
From zero followers on Instagram and Facebook, to over 15k on Instagram and 12k on Facebook. I’ve gone from 2 RBs to 4 RBs in 5 years, opened a shop, and welcomed lots of new brands! So this weekend to celebrate, we are doing a giveaways to say Thank you!
Thank you for helping achieve my dream, thank you for pushing me further than I thought I could go, thank you for always being loyal!
Here’s to the next 5 years!

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  1. Charlotte Buckland

    I have ordered from Ruby’s bowtique for the past 4 years now! I have brought the most gorgeous dresses for my little girl. Every year I get even more excited to see what gorgeous clothes are in stock!
    The owner of Ruby’s Bowtique couldn’t be more lovely and helpful if she tried!
    Thank you! Cant wait to order more! X

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